Company : ANAPA KOREA | 아나파코리아

The bracelet developed by Anapa Korea emits microcurrents. Microcurrent is a current in the range of 1 μA to 1,000 μA and is harmless to the human body. The microcurrent in the area of muscle pain increases the cell's ATP. The medical paper proved that it helps relieve muscle pain and blood circulation. Currently, microcurrents are used in various ways such as hospital physical therapy rooms, oriental medicine clinics, beauty products, etc. The effect and value of microcurrent are recognized. 

Company : Goonies  | 구니스

The smart way to draw pictures! The Goonies i Smart Palette is an intuitive digital form of “drawing” 

 You can easily and funly draw anytime, anwhere by simply connecting Your smartphone, tablet PC and i Smart Palette withour the hassle of pencils, drawing papers, paints and brushes. 

 Learn new ways to draw with i SmartPalette containing a variety of content! 

Company : Delice | 델리스 주식회사

1. Using freeze-drying technology, SOONGAN, a natural broth that melts and becomes broth in three seconds, was born.

 (one minute even in cold water ) 

2. "SOONGAN," a 0.2% low salt and high sports water using natural ingredients from Korea, is said to be a healthy and easy-to-use image, followed by a series of purchases by "those who are tired of making broth.“ 

3. The storage and portability are very good, so you can easily put one or two in your pocket 

Company : Good right | 굿라이트

It allows the user to easily transport the box without drilling or installing a separate handle on the cardboard box. 

 It is a carrying handle that can be used safely and conveniently to help prevent injury and improve productivity. 

 Corrugated cardboard boxes can be easily transported by stacking and lifting them Carrying handle that can be used safely and conveniently to help prevent injury and improve productivity 

Company : GRAENN | 그라인

A place with the most beautiful, cleanest nature, Iceland. At GRAENN, we dream of a future that is green and clean, just like Iceland.  

 Our brand name GRAENN was born with such aspiration of the Icelandic word for Green. 

 It is a fashion brand that pursues confidence and sustainability for everyone who dresses in a balanced life with beautiful nature.

Company : ‌‌‌Nuvi labs Co,Ltd. | (주)누비랩

We use an AI food scanner to quickly scan individual plates before and after meals (within one second) to collect user-specific food intake, types of leftovers, and volume data. And based on this data, we offer a variety of services. 

Company : Catssle | 바이페이퍼

- Consumers can change various shapes by connecting 6 different blocks freely 

- Eco-friendly cat tower used as corrugated cardboard and discarded as paper 

- Environment-friendly waterproof coating for preventing pollution and cleaning 

Company : EMOTECH | 이모텍

1. Firewood finance lamp combined with pet plant flower pot and wood material mood lamp 

 2. Separation of the upper cup section and the lower stand that serves as the lamp and the leg of the main body. 

‧ Design replacement of the upper cup and easy cleaning of the cup  

Company : Mommy Spot | 마미스팟

1. Handmade in a different dimension : an eco-friendly casting kitchenware made honestly and kindly by the hands of a craftsman 

 2. Non-coated castings that have been tamed to the vagina and can be used immediately without taming (seasuring). (100% NON-GMO vegetable oil, Canadian flaxiuro seasoning) - Easy use of detergent - High thermal conductivity, cooking on medium low heat - I recommend greasy food for the first time. 

3. Produce products on demand: Self-produced by your own production company 

4. Using a single-use iron     

Company : Hongik Technology Co., Ltd.  | 홍익기술

1. Dry in seconds (short-term finish) 

2. eco-friendly products 

3. the potential of a task 

4. temperature irrelevant 

5. Upcycle in 1 hour 6. be odorless 

7. High durability finishing method using portable equipment rather 

8. than factory equipment (cup stain, waterproof function) 

Company : Polltek Korea | 폴텍코리아랩 


Domestic Antibacterial Functional ATB UV + Fabric

- Korean Mask Made by Poltek, a supply company specializing in fine dust filters 

- Blocking pollen and dust   

- Cool fabric.   

- Comfortable antibacterial effects    

- Excellent ventilation. 

Company : Darye | 다례

1. Air Quality Sensor 8 Elements Analysis : Measure the air quality in 8 elements 24 hours a day. 

 2. Suggesting an optimal scent solution : Suggesting an optimal sent solution for the purpose and atmosphere of the space through diagnostic analysis 

 3. Air Quality Big Data Monthly : Information on the need for air quality in the space and the improvement elements every month  

G-HUB is built by Gyeonggi-do. 

 It is a support center for startup companies related to the cultural content development. G-Hub provides customized services to startup companies such as connecting idea holders and companies, supporting startup funds, and assisting professional networks.


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